Website development

March 10, 2018 can be considered as a symbolic date, as for the first time reached the number of over 100 unique entries in one day. On this occasion, I would like to thank all those who give their opinions on the forums on which I was advertising the site, both for the words of praise and essential comments. I invite to cooperate with all who are willing, if you think that a description is insufficiently expanded, needs improvement or completion, or English translation is inappropriate write to or in the comments under the descriptions.

Medieval monuments of Estonia have been added

Medieval Estonia came to From today you can read about the Estonian monuments of ancient times. Teutonic castles, fortified churches, towers houses, gothic houses of Tallinn and much more… Of course, also a lot of photos, reconstructions and plans, and a google map for those who want to find monuments.

Translation of monuments of Poland and Slovakia

I have finished translating the monuments of Poland and Slovakia into English. From now on, filters in this language also function. Becausemy my English is far from perfect, I apologize in advance for any mistakes. I will be grateful for reporting them for correction ( ). Unfortunately, the captions under the pictures, due to the troublesome of this issue in WordPress, will be translated later.

Dictionary page added

From today on the site there is a dictionary of terms of defense and sacral architecture, used in subpages. Most of the entries are supplemented with photographs and plans. In the near future it is planned to add direct links from the subpages to the dictionary.