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   Welcome to the website dedicated to all kinds of architectural monuments: from castles and churches through monasteries, mosques, city walls, bridges, urban and rural buildings to chapels, barrows and ancient ruins. Time frames are from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages, the beginning of the Renaissance. However, they are quite fluid because of the many redevelopments of most of the surviving objects of those times. The section of monuments on the following page will be based in large part on the modern state borders due to the excessive variability of borders over the centuries. More states will be added over time and capabilities.
   The purpose of this web page is to give you an insight into the architecture in the past. From here I will try to include all kinds of plans, reconstructions and archival drawings. Especially for places that have survived in rebuilt form or have been partially or completely destroyed.
   I also hope that this site will help the organization of trips to all those who like to travel. Therefore, every object is placed on the google map with the best possible location. You can go to the subpage of a particular monument by clicking on the marker or by using the alphabetical index or the search engine located at the bottom of each page.
   I apologize in advance for any errors, whether technical or substantive. If any of you have noticed, I will be grateful for the information about them.
Constructive criticism is also welcome. E-mail address for correspondence
Janusz Michalew
Postscriptum I would like also to thank the small but loyal group of patrons who support me and boost the development of the website from the very beginning. The full list of these selfless, wonderful people can be found in the “patrons of” tab. If you  reader likes the portal, also remember that its current appearance is also their merit!
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