News on – May 2020

   In May 2020, 31 more monuments from Scotland and several Polish monuments appeared on the portal: the market block in Świdnica with the town hall and the cloth hall, the church in Kąty Wrocławskie, the church in Żory and the church in Ołtaszyn.
   Major changes affected the descriptions: the castle in Chudów, the castle in Golub, the castle in Ojców, Szydłów, Lanckorona, the Prague Castle, the Valdek castle, the church in Kościelniki Średni, the Świdnica cathedral, the St. James church in Wrocław, the Bernardine monastery in Wrocław, the monastery in Jawor, the church in Klatovy, the church in Horazdovice, the castle in Zerotin, the Pembroke Castle, the castle in Pułtusk, the castle in Kutna Hora, the church of St. George in Dzierżoniów (again), the tower house in Siedlecin, the mine in Krzemionki, the monastery in Czerwińsk, the castle in Lidzbark (fragment concerning the outer ward), Uhersky Ostroh, White Castle, Cornstejn (fragment concerning the fortifications in the foreground), church in Góra, church in Gubin, St. Mary’s church in Lwówek Śląski, parish church in Namysłów, cathedral in Opole, cathedral in Poznań, the church in Sycowo, the church in Szprotawa, the church in Wińsk, the church in Żary, the church of St. Barbara in Wrocław and three castles connected by common history from the Hussite period: Panna, Kalich and Litys.