On the occasion of paying for servers and the domain of for 2018/2019 and the anniversary of the website in the internet, I would like to thank everyone who supported the project financially: Michał Szynkiewicz, Aga Bargieł, Neil Wilkins, MJG Artist, J. Konrad, D.A. Kaczmarek, J.A.Galiński, 1708eliza, Bartek Elem Sokołowski, Zofia Kusztal, Rox S and Maniek De THANKS A LOT!!!
And now a few statistics ?
For a year, the website received 25 412 entries and 88 304 views of individual pages by users from 118 countries, the record of the day fell on November 5, when it was 300 sessions. ? The results may not be impressive but the most important that that the trend is constantly increasing, which gives me the strength to continue working.

News in September

I added a lot of new places from Poland, they are mainly gothic churches from Lubusz land, Silesia, Lesser Poland, Mazovia, Pomerania and Warmia (Bożewo, Byszwałd, Garbno, Gaworzyce, Gołymin, Iwkowa, Kazanice, Kożuchów, Lubsko, Sampława, Sobótka, Stare Bielsko, Syców, Szreńsk, Ścinawa, Wińsko, Wojtaszyce, Wola Radziszowska, Wołów, Wrocław – St. Barbara’s church), a castle in Bochnia, the town walls of Lubsko, important in Middle Ages monasteries in Henryków and Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, and unique even in a European scale, monuments in Biskupice Radłowskie (border pillar from the 15th century) and the 16th century belfry in Wojnicz. The latter is an amazing example of a timber pole construction, used since the early Middle Ages. In addition, I supplemented with new plans and descriptions many older places from the areas of Upper Silesia, Małopolska and Mazovia.
Unfortunately, recently the plug-in responsible for the rating of monuments by readers has been broken and I am not sure if it will be possible to fix it. To cheer I add that without that plug-in, the page loads noticeably faster. I have also recently improved the way images are displayed, so that they appear now faster after clicking on them.

News on the page

Recently, I have edited most Slovak castles, developed and improved descriptions, and especially added a lot of new plans and reconstructions. I have also added new places: the castles Blh, Bodoň, Braničev, Brzotín, Čierna Lehota, Dračí Hrádok, Drienok, Marcelov Hrad in Hrabušice, Jelšava, Kuchyňa, Kysak, Obišovce, Rákoš, Šebeš, Šintava, Skároš, Širkovce (Kapla), Sokoľ, Sučany and the cathedral and town walls in Trnava. Descriptions would certainly be more comprehensive if not my ignorance of the Czech and Slovak language and the need to use translators.
The castles of  southern Małopolska region have been similarly re-written (for example Rytro, Szaflary, Nowy Sącz, Nidzica, Czorsztyn, Tropsztyn, Muszyna, Czchów, and Roźnów). Of new monuments in Poland, I added a castle in Nowy Korczyn, Trzewlin and Chrostowa. People using mobile devices should be interested in the information that I have improved the indexes, so that the names of places should no longer be
breaking on phones.

Progress in work on the site

Since the completion of works on Welsh monuments, I have supplemented, improved and enriched of about a hundred new plans and reconstructions, as well as a lot of new photos, many places from Poland (including Siedlęcin, Wąbrzeźno, Grudziądz, Golub, Milicz, Jelcz, Gniewoszów, Rogóźno, Bierzgłowo, Chojna, Owiesno, Bolczów, Sławków, Olkusz, Jawor, Racławice, Grodziec, Ciechanów), I also added some new monuments (Ujazd, Panków, Gościszów, Osiek Jasielski, and Stolec). There is also ready a map of monuments from the Czech area. For details and new informations, also check the profile on facebook.

On the website, I started collecting for maintenance of servers for the next year. Patreon is a page connecting authors with people who want to support their passion not only with a good word, but also financially. Patrons pay regular or one-off sums to the authors account, and they can use them for business needs. Authors gain the opportunity to develop, and Patrons – access to prizes, as well as the invaluable awareness of real support for the passion of others!
If you are the owner of a company, organization, etc., you can use donations (payments from 2 $ and above) as an element of advertisement of your business. Currently, the number of visits to the site oscillates around 100-140 per day.

You can go to the patroneum website HERE

Wales finished

I finished work on monuments from the area of Wales, altogether more than three hundred castles, monasteries, abbeys, churches, neolithic burial chambers and many more appeared on the site. I invite you to familiarize yourself with such wonderful monuments as castles in Caernarfon, Pembroke, or Chepstow, the Roman fort of Venta Silurium (Caerwent), the burial chamber of Bryn Celli Ddu or the medieval bishop’s palaces in St Davids and Llandew.

New photos of Gdańsk monuments and developed descriptions of Teutonic castles

I enriched monuments on from the area of Gdańsk with about a hundred of new photos, interested in brick gothic should find something interesting for themselves, because in spite of the massive destruction from the last war, Gdańsk still boasts a significant medieval architectural heritage. Recently, I have also developed and supplemented descriptions for many Teutonic castles, among others in Brodnica, Człuchów, Elbląg, Gdańsk, Grudziądz, Bierzgłowo, Pokrzywno, Barciany, or Świecie nad Wisłą. Interested are invited.

New monuments from Poland on the site

There are new Polish monuments on the site: Białęgi, Bogaczów, Borki, Borowina, Brwice, Dąbie, Dąbrówka, Długie, St Joseph church in Gdańsk, Gnojnik, Golice, Gościeszowice, Gryżyna, Bernardine monastery in Kazimierz Biskupi, Kiełbasin, Klonówka, Kokoszkowy, Kończewice, Kryniczno, Krzeczyn Wielki, Krzyżanowo, Łęg Probostwo, Malechowo, Mątowy Wielkie, Miłoradz, Mycielin, Niedźwiedzica, Połęcko, Przeworsk, Siecieborzyce, Siedlce, Słutowo, Smolnica, Stara Kościelnica, Strzeszów, Witnica, Wronie, Zawada and monuments in Złotnik. Of course, all marked on google map.

Website development

March 10, 2018 can be considered as a symbolic date, as for the first time reached the number of over 100 unique entries in one day. On this occasion, I would like to thank all those who give their opinions on the forums on which I was advertising the site, both for the words of praise and essential comments. I invite to cooperate with all who are willing, if you think that a description is insufficiently expanded, needs improvement or completion, or English translation is inappropriate write to or in the comments under the descriptions.