The aim of is to bring all interested monuments from the old periods through descriptions, photos, plans and reconstructions. Currently, the site contains about 2000 monuments from around 1150 places in Poland, Slovakia, Wales Latvia and Estonia. Everyone is described, with photos, most of them have plans, old drawings, reconstructions. I have also added a dictionary of architectural concepts and recently I have also posted a new section on the site with articles about the Middle Ages. For the website to develop, I need your support, including financial support.

   Thanks to your patronage, the website will be able to be developed, which means more countries with their architectural heritage, supplementing and updating existing ones on the site, and adding new photos, plans, reconstructions. Currently, I am developing monuments from the Czech Republic, followed by Hungary or Scotland, and ultimately thanks to your support I hope that all of Europe and the Middle East will be on site. I have very ambitious plans, I would like to be the largest portal of medieval architecture, a kind of encyclopedia of the heritage of the middle ages. ?

   I would also like to develop functionalities on the site, by buying paid wordpress plugins, on which medievalheritage is built, and with higher incomes IT can be paid, which would better optimize the website than the historian ? Funds are also necessary for the purchase of literature, especially foreign, hard to access and more expensive than Polish books, paying higher and higher electricity bills (after all, the computer works bravely after 12h per day) and of course paying for servers on medievalheritage hula.

  You can make a donation by the PATREON portal, remember that even 1 euro which does not mean much to you, may significantly develop this website, its for me a great, positive “kick” and encouragement for further hard work on developing the site.

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For any support in advance thank you!