News on – February 2020

   In February 2020, I added 32 new monuments from Scotland. In addition, major changes in the descriptions of monuments from Poland: the church of St. Mary and the church of St. James in Toruń, churches of Holy Cross, St. Mark and St. Giles in Kraków, Franciscan monastery in Krakóow, castle in Tuczno, castle in Bytów, castle in Człuchów, castle in Tarnów, city walls of Barlinek, church in Blizne, churches of Corpus Christi, Holy Cross and St. Wenceslaus, Stanislaus and Dorothy in Wrocław, city walls and castle in Gniew, both churches and city walls in Dzierżoniów, city walls in Strzegom, church in Sobótka, city walls in Chełmno, parish church in Chełmno, Cistercian monastery in Chełmno, Kluczwoda castle, tower in Tudorów, castles of Bydlin, Bochotnica, Rembów, Szubin, city walls, castle and church in Lębork, city walls and town hall in Stargard, castle in Słupsk, city walls in Bystrzyca, cloth hall in Kraków, city walls in Gdańsk, tower Stołpie, basilica in Strzegom and castle in Golczewo.
   Slightly smaller changes and corrections affected: Dominican monastery in Kraków, Augustinian monastery in Kraków, city walls in Kraków, Tinkinswood, collegiate church and church of St. John in Stargard, town hall in Kraków, Tumski Castle in Wrocław, Grodno castle, Rogowiec castle, Radosno, Nowy Dwór, castle in Lublin, church in Bochnia, church of St. Martin in Wrocław, Karpień castle, Karlino castle, castle in Darłowo, all wooden churches in Lesser Poland.