News on – January 2020

   In January 2020, I added 46 new monuments from Scotland (mainly in alphabetical order, for now only in Polish). Among the older posts, the following were expanded, improved and supplemented: Emmaus monastery in Prague, Sazava monastery, Roudnice monastery, Tepla monastery, Vyssi Brod monastery, Zlata Korona abbey, castle in Gołuchów, the city walls and church in Ziębice, cathedral in Świdnica, city walls and bridge in Kłodzko, parish church, walls and town hall in Lwówek Śląski, abbey in Pelplin, Upper Castle, cathedral, Franciscan church and chapel of St. Alexius in Opole, church and castle in Puck, church in Brzeg, St. Mary’s Church in Kraków, churches and walls (supplemented with a castle) in Środa Śląska, city walls, church and castle in Lubiń, monastery in Żarnowiec, church and city walls in Jelenia Góra, church and city walls in Nysa, all churches and castle in Racibórz, castle in Muszyna, Old Synagogue in Kraków.