News at – September 2020

   In September 2020, 22 new monuments from Scotland have been added to the portal, as well as completely new posts about Czech monuments: the church in Celakovice, Drahanovice castle, church in Dvur Kralove, castles in: Heraltice, Hlohova, Hruba Skala, church in Kocelovice, Great Moravian strongholds Mikulcice and Pohansko, Czech stronghold of Stara Boleslav, churches in Nepomuk, Svata Katerina, Vysoky Ujezd, Velke Mizirici, churches of St. John Na Zabradli and Na Pradle in Prague and the Prague’s Karolinum.
   In addition, I edited most of the sacral monuments from Slovakia, corrected and significantly expanded: stronghold in Giecz, castle in Bodzentyn, city walls and the Salt House in Lubań, castles in Iłża and Pińczów, church of St. John in Gdańsk, castle in Raciążek, churches in Svojsin, Jawor, Głogów (collegiate church), Ścinawa, Wołów, Na Piasku in Wrocław, monasteries in Beszowa, Stary Targ and Zawichost, church in Ledec nad Sazavou, Niesytno castle, collegiate church in Opatów.