Warren – St Mary’s Church


The church in Warren was probably founded at the end of the 13th century, perhaps on the site of an earlier temple. Soon after, it was leased along with the parish to William Harold of Haroldstone, the local landowner. In 1855, it was in a bad condition, and therefore it was thoroughly renovated.


The church consists of a rectangular nave, a shorter and lower rectangular chancel on the east side, a four-sided tower on the west side and a transept and porches attached to the southern wall of the nave. The porch is dated to the 14th century, the tower to the 15th century, and the chancel and transept come from the times of the original construction. Originally from the north there was an additional nave, however, it was demolished in 1770. The most distinctive element is a lofty tower crowned with a parapet on corbels and a spire from around 1870. From the north-west side it has a staircase slightly protruding from the block.

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