Uzmaston – St Ismael’s Church


Erected in Uzmaston in the thirteenth century, the church of St. Ismael was dedicated to the son of Budic, the king of Armorica. Ismael came to Wales and became a disciple of Saint David, after whom he was consecrated as a bishop and later beatificated. In 1230, the church was granted to the Order of Knights Hospitaller in Slebech. In the years 1837-1839, the building was extended westwards, and in 1844 the roof was replaced. In the years 1870-1873 and again in the 90s of the twentieth century, it was renovated, combined with a thorough reconstruction.


The church now consists of the nave, chancel, northern aisle and a small tower in the north – eastern corner of the northern aisle. The medieval church had northern and southern annexes of various sizes and shapes, in the form similar to transepts. During the 19th century reconstruction, the north aisle replaced the northern transept, and the southern one was reduced to a small outbuilding. Also the porch is an early modern addition. Most of the antique, medieval substance has now a tower with a preserved window in the style of English decorated gothic with tracery.

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