Trelleck – St Nicholas Church


Church of St. Nicholas was erected at the beginning of the 14th century. It is possible that the previous temple was rebuilt and burned down in 1296 (as the date of the fire is also given the middle of the 13th century). However, there is no clear architectural evidence for the 13th century genesis of the temple, stylistically all of its elements can be dated back to the fourteenth century. In 1792 it was noted that during the storm the tower collapsed. The rebuilding, especially the spire, probably took place in the same year. In 1893 and 1903, the building underwent a renovation, which fortunately did not introduce major changes.


The church was built of red – gray sandstone. It consists of a three-nave corpus in the form of a basilica, a rectangular chancel on the east side, a tower on the west side and a porch at the southern aisle. The latter probably dates back to the 18th or 19th century. The side aisles have been extended to the height of the west wall of the tower, which was crowned with a towering spire.

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Website, Church of St Nicholas A Grade I Listed Building in Trellech United (Tryleg Unedig), Monmouthshire.
Website, Church of St Nicholas, Trellech.