Tregaron – St Caron’s Church


   The church of St. Caron in Tregaron was erected at the end of the 14th century. At that time, it was a parish temple from which the third part of tithes was handed over to the Strata Florida Abbey. Around 1500 a tower was added. In 1826 and in the years 1878-1879, its thorough renovation was carried out, combined with the addition of the sacristy. Most of the windows were also replaced at the time.


   The medieval church consisted of a five-bay, rectangular nave without a separated chancel and a three-storey, four-sided tower on the west side. It received a battered pedestal topped with a cornice, a parapet mounted on corbels and topped with a battlement, and a north-eastern projection housing a staircase, turning into a turret. The ground floor of the tower was topped with a barrel vault and opened with an arcade to the interior of the nave.

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