Talyfan – castle


   Talyfan Castle was probably erected in the 12th century, as a center of local authority, which in 1245 was incorporated into Glamorgan. It was placed in a strategically important place to protect the route north of Cowbridge. In 1321, it was plundered and burned during the war of barons with king Edward II (Despenser War). It was rebuilt in 1349 and remained the property of the Despenser family. It was maintained until the fifteenth century, but at the beginning of the sixteenth century was in ruin. The engraving from 1828 shows still significant remains of the castle walls, as well as the farm built around 1700 within them. Unfortunately, they were almost completely demolished in 1828-1860, in order to use building materials for the current Castell Tal-y-van farm.


   The castle consisted of an oval inner ward surrounded by a single circumference of defensive walls up to 2 meters thick. In the ward there was a cylindrical tower with a diameter of about 15 meters and a building with a hall and living spaces. The outer zone of defense was a wide, probably dry moat.

Current state

   Until today, only small ruins have survived from the castle, among which the relics of the farm from the early 18th century are also visible. The area is heavily overgrown with vegetation and neglected.

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