Tal y llyn – St Mary’s Church


The exact date of the construction of the church is not known, but probably the oldest part of it, may come from the twelfth century. In the sixteenth century, the chancel was rebuilt, and the side chapel was added in the 17th century. Originally, the church was a chapel of ease of the church in Llanbeulan, but it lost its importance when Tal y llyn village disappeared, probably after the period of the fourteenth-century plague. The building underwent minor modifications in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in the most visible way, they touched the window openings.


The church is a rare example of a simple, rural building preserved to modern times without major changes. It consists of a twelfth / thirteenth-century nave, built on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 7.6 to 4.0 meters and a slightly later chancel with dimensions of 5 to 3.4 meters. A small chapel was added to its southern wall in the early modern times. Most windows have been pierced in an early modern or contemporary period. The exception is the sixteenth-century three-light window in the eastern wall of the presbytery. The entrance portal is located in the west façade and is probably from the fourteenth century. Between the nave and the chancel there is an ogival arch with 13th-century elements, although it was probably rebuilt in the 16th century. The roof truss preserved inside the church dates from the 15th to the 17th century. Worth mentioning is also an octagonal font from the fifteenth century.

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