Rogiet – St Mary’s Church


   The church in Rogiet was probably built at the end of the 13th or early 14th century, and significantly expanded in the 15th century. Originally, it was dedicated to Saint Hilary, which could refer either to Saint Eleri or to Saint Hilary from Arles. In 1903, the church was renovated, and a northern nave was added to it on the occasion.


   The church consists of a rectangular nave, exceptionally short for Welsh temples, and unusually longer, also rectangular chancel on the eastern side, which was probably the result of the addition of a nave to the chancel in the 15th century, which previously served as an small church. A tall and soaring tower was also attached to the west side of the nave in the 15th century. It was crowned with a parapet mounted on corbels protruding from the face, a battlement and decorative pinnacles in the corners. From the south, it received a four-sided communication turret. The southern entrance to the nave was preceded by a porch.

Current state

   The northern aisle and the vestry are contemporary additions, but fortunately, they stylistically refer to the medieval elements of this interesting and slightly unusual building. The nave’s roof was originally slightly higher, as can be seen on the eastern wall of the tower. Inside the chancel, there are small remnants of medieval wall polychromes, but most of them are hidden under thick early modern plasters.

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Website, Church of St Mary A Grade II Listed Building in Rogiet, Monmouthshire.
Website, St Mary’s Church, Rogiet.