Rhos on Sea – St Trillo’s Chapel


   The chapel in Rhos on Sea is called by Trillo, a saint from the sixth century who built his hermitage here. The spring in the chapel supplied him with drinking water and probably influenced the decision to build it in this place. For centuries, this well provided water for baptisms, it also had a long tradition of healing properties. The present building dates back to the beginning of the 16th century, but most probably it was founded on the foundations of an earlier one, built by the monks of Aberconwy Abbey.


   The chapel is a small, aisleless building erected on a rectangular plan with internal dimensions of 3.6 x 1.9 meters, situated near the sea shore and a water spring. It has massive buttresses along the long side. The entrance is on the west side, from the east and north it has small slot openings. A well is still functioning under  the altar. The chapel was covered with a pointed barrel vault, originally, however, it was to be crowned with a primitive vault made of stone slabs overlapping each other.

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