Presaddfed – burial chamber


The Presaddfed tomb was erected during the Neolithic period, around 4000-2000 BC. It served as a collective burial place of the early-agricultural community. In the 18th century, when this place was first recorded, the burial chambers were already in ruins.


The tomb was composed of two chambers, originally covered with a mound of earth or stones (cairn). It is not certain whether the chambers, a few meters apart, were part of the same structure. Descriptions from the mid-nineteenth century, however, state that at that time they were surrounded by a large number of small stones, which may indicate that they were once covered with one mound. The southern chamber is more complete, it has a crown in the form of a capstone about 4 by 3 meters, supported by three standing stones at the south end, and by one, more slender stone in the north. The northern chamber is significantly damaged. It consists of two stones at the northern end, which once supported, currently overturned, ceiling stone (capstone).

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