Pendine – St Margaret’s Church


   St. Margaret’s church was erected probably in the 13th century, when a nave was founded. In the fourteenth century, the chancel was added, and in the fifteenth a porch. Around 1600, a western tower was built. In 1869 the Victorian renovation of the church was carried out, during which the sacristy was added, the windows in the nave and chancel arch were replaced.


   The church originally consisted of a three-bay nave on a rectangular plan, a narrower two-bay chancel, also on a rectangular plan, and a three-storey, slender tower on the west side. Originally, the church was illuminated by very narrow, relatively high windows, some of which were replaced with larger ones in the 15th century. In particular, the two-light eastern window of the chancel illuminating the main altar stood out. The interior was covered with an open roof truss.

Current state

   Today’s church is larger than the medieval building due to a western tower, 19th-century porch on the south side (sometimes considered medieval) and a sacristy at the chancel. The oldest preserved windows are located in the northern and southern wall of the chancel, and in the eastern wall there is a window from the 15th century. The windows in the nave were replaced in the 19th century, as was the entrance portal. Inside, the chancel arcade was to be enlarged. 

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