Menai Bridge – St Tysilio’s Church


   The church in Menai Bridge has the dedication of Saint Tysilio, who around 590-600 had a sanctuary called Ynys Suliau on the island. The present building was erected at the beginning of the 15th century. At the end od the 19th century its Victorian renovation was carried out.


   The church was built as a small, simple, structure built on a rectangular plan. The chancel has not been separated externally from the aisleless structure. The entrance portal was placed atypically on the north side, probably due to the location of the building in the southern part of the island. It was framed with wood, probably part of the original porch. The original windows of the church were supposed to be small, narrow, topped with popular trefoils or ogee arches. The eastern, larger window  was distinguished with tracery, closed with pointed arch. It illuminated the altar next to it. The entire interior is covered with an open roof truss, with rafters resting on three rounded collar beams. 

Current state

   The windows of the church were transformed in the nineteenth century, although the eastern opening copies the shape of the original, late medieval one. Inside, an octagonal baptismal font from the 14th century has been preserved. The part of the open roof truss with collar beeams is also original and dates from the 15th century.

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