Llanvihangel Gobion – St Michael’s Church


   It is not known exactly when the church was built in Llanvihangel Gobion, it is most often dated back to the 15th century, but its beginnings can reach the 13th century, as evidenced by the harsh look of the squat tower. There is no information about the 19th century Victorian restoration of the church, although at least the roofs were repaired. The renovation of the building was recorded in 1925.


   The church was built of gray sandstone. Initially, it consisted of a four-bay nave and only a slightly distinguished externally (slightly narrower), two-bay chancel, placed under a gable slate roof shared with the nave. Probably in the late Middle Ages, a low, squat, four-sided tower with a hip roof was attached to the nave from the west. On the north side, a second, very narrow and shorter nave was also added, and a porch at the entrance to the south. The southern side of the nave was also distinguished by an avant-corps with stairs leading to the loft of the rood screen inside. Inside, the northern aisle was opened onto the nave with four arcades, and the chancel was separated from the main nave by the aforementioned rood screen.

Current state

   The church at Llanvihangel Gobion is one of the best-preserved medieval buildings in the South Wales region. It has partially preserved the Romanesque walls of the nave and the late-medieval tower, the northern aisle, the porch and the chancel, all distinguished by their original window openings. Admission to the church grounds is free, the only problems are getting inside.

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