Llanvaches – St Dubricius Church


Church of St. Dubricius was built around the 13th/14th centuries. In 1611-1638, the parish priest was William Wroth, the minister of the Anglican Church, who was expelled from it and founded the first independent church in Wales in Llanvaches. In the mid-nineteenth century, the temple was seriously transformed during the Victorian restaurant.


The church was erected from pink sandstone. It consists of a rectangular nave, a little narrower, rectangular chancel, a tower on the western side and a sixteenth-century porch at the southern wall of the nave. The tower was erected on a square plan, it is quite low, in the upper parts rebuilt later, but in the lower parts there are visible stones, which are considered to be re-used from Roman buildings. From the south-east side it has a four-sided communication tower from the fifteenth century. Inside the church, the 14th-century baptismal font has been preserved.

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Website britishlistedbuildings.co.uk, Parish Church of St Dubritius A Grade II Listed Building in Llanvaches, Newport.