Llanvaches – St Dubricius’ Church


   Church of St. Dubricius was built around the 13th/14th centuries. In 1611-1638 its parish priest was William Wroth, the minister of the Anglican Church, who was expelled from it and founded the first independent church in Wales in Llanvaches. In the mid-nineteenth century, the temple was seriously transformed during the Victorian renovation.


   The church was built of pink sandstone. In the Middle Ages it consisted of a rectangular nave, a slightly narrower, rectangular chancel, a tower on the west side and a 16th-century porch at the south wall of the nave. The tower was erected on a square plan. Originally, it was probably slightly higher, in the upper parts it was rebuilt later, but in the lower parts there are visible stones that are believed to be reused from Roman buildings. From the south-east side, it received a four-sided communication turret from the 15th century. The original windows of the church were small, topped with trefoils, sometimes grouped in pairs, as in the southern wall of the chancel.

Current state

   The church avoided major transformations in the early modern period, but despite this, the original top of the tower was changed, some windows were replaced, and the chancel arcade was rebuilt in the 19th century. The southern entrance to the church is also early modern, and the original portal has been bricked up. Inside the church, the 14th-century baptismal font has been preserved.

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