Llanstephan – St Stephen’s Church


The church in Llanstephan was erected in the 13th century. It was expanded in the fourteenth century by the chancel and the tower, and then rebuilt in the fifteenth century. A thorough Victorian restoration was carried out in the 19th century.


The church is an orientated building, consisting of a rectangular nave, a narrower chancel, also on the plan of a rectangle, a tower on the west side and a porch adjacent to the nave from the south. The square tower is quite low, squat, dating from the fourteenth century, but was rebuilt in the sixteenth century. In its southern wall there is a walled ogival portal. The main entrance to the church is located in the nave from the south, and the next pointed portal also leads from the south to the presbytery. Architectural details worthy of distinction are two 15th-century windows with traceries in the nave from the south and a window in the eastern wall of the chancel in the style of perpendicular gothic, dated from 1430-1450.

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