Llangybi – St Cybi’s Church


The church in Llangybi was probably founded in the 13th or 14th century, with a tower added a little later than the nave and chancel. In the fifteenth century it was rebuilt, from this period windows come, in the style of perpendicular gothic. Its equipment was replaced around 1700, but the building itself was not thoroughly renovated until 1909-1910, when the southern sacristy was also erected.


The church consists of a rectangular, longitudinal nave and a shorter and smaller chancel. From the western part of the nave it rises, slightly embedded in it, a tower. In its west wall there is the main entrance leading to the undertower porch, and further under the arcade to the nave. The tower was built on a square plan, has two floors, a gothic bifora on each side on the upper floor and it is topped with a decorative battlement. The southern wall of the nave has a walled pointed portal and two large gothic, ogival windows, renovated in the 20th century. A similar window is also located in the eastern wall of the presbytery and on the north side. In the southern wall of the chancel, next to the contemporary sacristy, a three-light window crowned with trefolis is visible. Inside the church, medieval wall polychromes from the mid-15th century have been preserved.

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