Llangattock Vibon Avel – St Cadoc’s Church


   The tower of St. Cadoc’s church in Llangattock Vibon Avel was built in the fifteenth century, but it is not known exactly from what period the rest of the building comes from, due to the later reconstruction carried out in 1852-1853 and in 1866. In 1875, the north nave was added, and the chancel was slightly extended.


   Currently, the church consists of a three-bay nave with a northern aisle, a three-bay chancel with a small transept on the south side and a porch for a priest in the eastern corner. A tower is added to the south-western side of the nave, the only sure element of the building that dates back to the Middle Ages, although the nave and chancel may also contain original elements. The tower was built on a square plan, it houses a porch in the ground floor and is topped with a hip roof.

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