Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf – St Mary’s Church


   The oldest part of the church of St. Mary, that is the nave, was founded in the fourteenth century. In the fifteenth century, a chancel was added and an arch between the nave and the presbytery. During the renovation of 1847, the sacristy on the north side and the south porch were added.


   The medieval church was built of rubble stone. It consisted of a rectangular, highly elongated nave measuring 16 x 5 meters and a rectangular, but shorter chancel, 5.6 x 4.1 meters. Inside the chancel, narrower than the nave, was separated by a pointed arch of an arcade. The entrance to the church led through the portal in the western part of the southern wall of the nave and through the second portal in the northern wall.

Current state

   Both porches of the church are early modern additions, although the 14th-century nave has retained its original northern entrance portal and has a southern entrance from the 15th / 16th century. On the southern wall of the nave, on the west side, there is an original window with a trefoil, and on the eastern side of the chancel, a large window from the 15th century has been preserved. The remaining windows were renovated in the nineteenth century, when the northern wall of the chancel was rebuilt and the eastern part of the church was reinforced with buttresses.

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