Llanfaethlu – St Maethlu’s Church


   Built in the fifteenth century, the church in Llanfaethlu was dedicated to Saint Maethlu. He was an early Christian saint, known as Maethlu Confessor, who, according to tradition, founded a hermitage or a small monastery cell, south of the present church. In the nineteenth century, the temple was extended by a rectangular chancel and completely renovated at the beginning of the twentieth century.


   The original church consisted only of a rectangular in plan nave. It had three bays covered with an open roof truss and was built in the English Perpendicular Gothic style. In its southern wall, two two-light windows were pierced, consisting of openings topped with cinquefoils, set in rectangular frames. Also in the southern wall there was an entrance portal pierced, preceded by a porch, probably from the period of the construction of the church. Inside, on the sides stone benches were placed.

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