Lamphey – St Tyfai’s Church


   The beginnings of the Christian temple in Lamphey date back to the early Middle Ages. In the period after the Norman conquest, the local church served as a parish. In the 14th century, a Gothic nave, chancel and transept were erected on the site of this original building, and at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries a porch and a tower were added. The church was renovated in 1826, when additional sitting places were added, and again refurbished in the mid-nineteenth century, when a partial reconstruction was made.


   The church consists of a three-bay nave, a two-bay chancel, a small northern transept with a squint, a southern, also modest transept, southern porch, and a tower on the western side. The tower is slender, high, topped with a parapet and battlement typical of late medieval Welsh churches, mounted on corbels protruding from the façades, it also has a communication turret protruding from the north-east side.

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Website, St Tyfai’s church, Lamphey; St Faith and St Tyfei, Lamphey.