Laleston – St David’s Church


   Church of St. David in Laleston was built at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, when the nave and the presbytery were built. The tower and porch were added in the late Middle Ages. In 1871, a Victorian renovation of the building was carried out, during which, among other things, the windows of the nave and the chancel were replaced.


   The church consists of a rectangular nave, a narrower, rectangular chancel on the eastern side and a four-sided tower on the west side. The latter from the south-east has a prominent projecting turret with a staircase. It is topped with a parapet mounted on corbels, battlement and gargoyles in the corners. A porch was attached to the nave on the south side, protecting inside an interesting, Gothic portal crowned with a ogee arch. Inside the church, a medieval roof truss has been preserved.

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