Ilston – St Illtyd’s Church


Church of St. Illtyd in Ilston was built in the thirteenth century, perhaps in place of an earlier monastic cell from the sixth century. In 1221, it was handed over to the Knights Hospitaller, and when the order was dissolved during the Reformation, the patronage was handed over to the Crown. In the nineteenth century, the church was renovated, the reconstruction fortunately mainly affected the interior of the temple.


The church consists of a nave, a narrower and shorter chancel, a small sacristy at the south wall of the presbytery, the southern porch, and a tower unusually set south of the nave, in the space between the sacristy and the porch. The west wall of the church has a wide buttress along the entire length of the facade. The tower is quite low, but massive, with one small window on the south side, slotted holes from the other sides and numerous putlog holes. The tower from the east and west has a parapet on corbels and battlement, the northern and southern parts are the gable walls.

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