Defynnog – St Cynog’s Church


St. Cynog’s church was erected in Norman times in the 11th century, possibly on the site of an earlier temple, as indicated by the call of the name of the Welsh saint. The first mentions of it come from 1254 and 1291. In the fifteenth century, the church was rebuilt. In the years 1888-1891 a thorough restaurant was conducted, a smaller one at the beginning of the 20th century.


The church consists of a long, rectangular nave without a externally separated chancel and a north-eastern chapel located parallel to the chancel. Both parts are covered with separate gable roofs. On the west side of the nave is a crenellated tower topped with a protruding turret containing a staircase. In the southern porch there is a stone with a Latin inscription from the fifth century AD and engraved ogham caption.

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Website, Church of St Cynog, Defynnog.
Website, St Cynog’s church, Defynnog.