Crickadarn – St Mary’s Church


The church in Crickadarn was created as a small, rural temple in the 13th century. In the fifteenth and at the beginning of the sixteenth century it was rebuilt, then the porch and tower were added. The building was renovated twice in the 19th century and once again at the beginning of the 20th century.


The original church from the 13th century was a single-nave, an aisleless structure, built on a rectangular plan, without a separate chancel. The whole was covered with a gable roof. In the late medieval period, a stone and timber porch was added on the south side of the nave and a tower from the west. It was topped with a battlement and a turret with a staircase was added in the corner.

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Website, Crickadarn, St Mary’s Church.
Website, Church of St Mary , Crickadarn.