Cowbridge – Holy Cross Church


The church was founded along with the Cowbridge town in the 13th century, initially as a small chapel. Over the following centuries, along with the development of the town, it was expanded and enlarged. At the beginning of the 18th century it was in bad condition: the timber parts were rotten and the bells were cracked. Thorough repairs began to be carried out from the mid-nineteenth century, at which time a modern porch was added.


The original church from the 13th century was built of local limestone and white Sutton stone for finishings. It consisted of a single, aisleless nave and chancel. In the fourteenth century, a tower was added, originally topped with a spire, destroyed in 1480 by a lightning strike. It consists of a four-sided base and a polygonal top on corbels, finished with a battlement. From the north – east it has an added tower with a staircase. In the 15th century, the southern nave and the chantry chapel on the northern side of the chancel were created. In the sixteenth century, on the eastern side, a room for almsgiving was built (almonry), later used as a sacristy. Inside the church from the original elements one can see the piscina in the chancel, the baptismal font from the 14th century and two rare hatches in the eastern wall, intended for giving alms.

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Website, Church of the Holy Cross A Grade I Listed Building in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan.
Website, Church of the Holy Cross, Cowbridge.