Cowbridge – city defensive walls


The Cowbridge defense walls were erected at the beginning of the 14th century to protect the lordship of Glamorgan and facilitate the toll collection on market days twice a week. Their demolition began already in the eighteenth century.


Defensive walls originally marked the shape of a pentagon, were 7.7 meters high and crowned with battlement and a wide sidewalk for defenders. They were strengthened with an unknown number of towers. The corner tower, preserved to this day, has a cylindrical shape with a polygonal superstructure. Four gates led to the city: north, south, west and east. Partially preserved, the south was a gatehouse with one or two rooms above the passage and two flanking towers with staircases and additional rooms.

Current state

To this day, a large part of the southern part of the defensive circuit has been preserved, including a partially preserved southern gate and two towers. The surviving fragments of the wall are now much lower, reaching about 4 meters in height.

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Website, Cowbridge Town Walls.
Website, Cowbridge town wall.