Caerhun – St Mary’s Church


Church of St. Mary in Caerhun was probably built in the 13th century by the Cistercians from the Maenan abbey. It was erected within the earth ramparts of the Roman fort of Canovium. In the fifteenth century, the temple was rebuilt and enlarged. In 1591, the chapel was added to the building, founded by Edward Williams and his wife Grace, according to a prominent Latin inscription.


The church was erected from a local, unworked stone, but it also contains a number of red sandstone blocks, probably of Roman origin from the ruins of the Canovium fort. The roof, however, was covered with slates. The building consists of a straight, long nave and a non-externally separated chancel. In the fifteenth century, the west facade was rebuilt, and from the east the temple was extended by the chancel. At the end of the 16th century, a rectangular chapel was added on the south side of the eastern part of the church. The nave and the chancel were topped with a magnificent 14th or 15th century timber arched-braced collar roof. Among the oldest equipment, a stone baptismal font has been preserved.

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Website, St. Mary’s Church in Caerhun.
Website, St Mary’s Church Caerhun.