Begelly – St Mary’s Church


   The church at Begelly was erected in the 13th century, initially dedicated to Saint Bugail, which in Celtic means “shepherd” and was probably honoring of a founder or Christ. Presumably still in the Middle Ages church was expanded and enlarged. In the 19th century, a thorough restaurant went through, during which the roofs were repaired and damaged door and window portals were reconstructed.


   The church consists of a longitudinal, rectangular nave and a shorter chancel finished on the eastern side with a straight wall. The western side is occupied by a towering tower with a height of 21.5 meters and three floors, topped with a battlement. In the north – east corner, it has a turret with a staircase with 105 stairs. From the south, two annexes were added, one being the porch and the other sacristy. On the northern side, at the height of the chancel and partly nave, a second aisle was added on a rectangular plan. Internally, chancel arch is high and pointed with late-gothic undulating mouldings, and to the west of it are two corbels which formerly supported the rood loft. There are also five corbels on the southern wall which formerly supported the roof.

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