Veľká Tŕňa – St Michael’s Church


The church was built in an elevated position above the village in the second quarter of the 13th century. In the fifteenth century, it underwent a gothic reconstruction, which mainly affected the chancel. During the Reformation, the church began to be used by the Calvinists. In 1936 a thorough reconstruction of the temple took place, during which the entire chancel was pulled down and a small porch was erected in front of the southern portal. The first archaeological research, that explained the original form of the building, took place in the years 2003-2004.


The romanesque church was built as a single-nave building with a semicircular apse on the east side and with a tower on the western facade. For its construction, thin bricks with dimensions of 4,5 x 15 x 29 cm were used. The temple was richly decorated with friezes and lesenes. Two romanesque portals were leading inside: south and west. Inside, on the west side of the nave, a matroneum was erected over its entire width. In the fifteenth century, the apse was removed and replaced with a long, late-gothic chancel with polygonal ending. In the southern wall of the nave, two romanesque windows were replaced with new, high gothic ones.

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