Turčianske Jaseno – St Margaret’s Church


   The church was built around 1300, probably under the influence of a building workshop, working from the mid-13th century in Kláštore pod Znievom. It is mentioned for the first time in 1332. In the 14th and 16th centuries, the interior of the church was decorated with frescoes. Unfortunately, at the end of the 16th century, the temple passed into the hands of Protestants who painted medieval frescoes with lime. In 1636-1648, the church was vaulted, and the entire building was adapted to the liturgical needs of Protestants. The original southern entrance was bricked up and new ones were made available on the west side, using fragments of the original portal. In 1653, a painted wooden matroneum was placed inside and a crypt was built. In the next period, the porch was built in front of the western entrance and smaller annexes at the north of the nave.
At the beginning of the 18th century, the Evangelicals built a new church, and the gothic building returned to Catholics. After the abolition of the parish in Hornas Jasene in the 1960s, Catholics donated the church to the museum administration in Martin. At the time, it was largely devastated. Its renovation began in the seventies when it received a new roof covered with shingles. In 1991, a comprehensive restaurant was started. During it, later annexes were dismantled, and the renaissance vault was removed and replaced with a flat, wooden ceiling. The new floor has been set to its original level. Then, in the years 1996-1999, medieval polychromes were restored.


   The medieval church was a one-nave building with a polygonal chancel to which the sacristy was attached from the north. The polygonal, gothic chancel was at that time an architectural novelty in this region. The original entrance led through the portal from the south side, later there was also a gothic, ogival portal in the western façade, and a saddle portal led to the sacristy. The interior had a simple wooden ceiling in the nave and a rib vault in the presbytery topped with a boss in the shape of the Lamb of God. The walls of the temple were decorated with frescoes. After a recent reconstruction and removal of later transformations, the church is a very good example of rural early gothic architecture in Slovakia.

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