Štvrtok na Ostrove – St James Church


The church was built in the mid-13th century. In the fourteenth century, its apse was replaced by a polygonal chancel. In 1485, as it was written on the southern portal, the church was extended to the south aisle. However, due to problems with the statics of the building, it had to be removed after a short time. The earthquake of 1590, which had the epicenter at Komárno, also hit the church of St. James. As a result, the northern tower was destroyed and required reconstruction. By the way, the original space of the church has been changed by inserting two central columns into the nave and reconstructing the corpus into a two-nave. It is not inconceivable, however, that the increase of aisles was carried out in the gothic period. Modifications also took place in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, when the neo-gothic vestibule was removed. In 2014, a comprehensive renovation of the church began.


The original romanesque church was built as a single-nave building with two western towers and an apse at the chancel. The church façades were decorated with a frieze, and the windows in towers with biforas. From the west side there was a valuable romanesque portal, whose tympanum was decorated with a trefoil, ornamented with small frieze of pyramids. At the height of the crown of the cornice in the south-eastern corner, a late-romanesque ram’s head shape console, probably performing the function of protection against evil, has been preserved. In the fourteenth century, the apse was rebuilt into a gothic, polygonal choir with pointed windows with traceries. Originally, a romanesque rotunda stood in the vicinity of the church, and the interior of the temple was decorated with medieval wall polychromes.

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