Spišský Hrušov – St Stanislaus’ Church


   The church was built in the 13th century in the village of Miloj. It was recorded in sources for the first time in 1402, although the mention of “terra Miloy” was already in the act of donation from 1255. The village disappeared in the 16th century, and the church was to become a source of building materials during the construction of a Renaissance residence for the Csák family in Spišský Hrušov.


   Early Gothic church of St. Stanislaus was built as a single-nave building with a slender four-sided tower on the west side and a presbytery of unknown form in the east (probably on the popular at that time plan of a square, that was narrower than the nave). The church was built of unworked erratic stones with larger ashlar reinforcing the corners. The portals in the ground floor of the tower received a simple, though carefully made form, transitional between the Romanesque and Gothic periods. One was crowned with a slight pointed arch, the other with a semicircular arch. The tower’s window openings were slit in the lower floors, while on the floor where the bells were hung, large openings were pierced, probably separated by middle columns.

Current state

   Currently, the ruin of the church stands a few hundred meters west of the village of Spišský Hušov. In addition to the tower itself, the remains of the western wall of the nave have been preserved. Architectural details show mainly two Gothic portals. Several windows and narrow slits at the bottom have been preserved on the tower.

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