Spišské Vlachy – town hall


   Spišské Vlachy was founded in 1243 under the privilege of the Hungarian king Bela IV. The townspeople were then excluded from the jurisdiction of the zupan, they gained the right to freely choose the village head and the right to dispose of their own property. These privileges were confirmed in 1265 by King Stephen and in 1317 by Louis of Hungary. During this period, Spišské Vlachy turned into a small town, for which the town hall was built in the fourteenth century (the first known mayor named Fynth was noted in 1339, and in 1404 a certain Trumbold was mentioned, and after him Mikuláš Phas). In the 17th century, an additional annex was added to the tower and the town hall, and the whole building was rebuilt. The building was restored in 1886. Currently, part of the building is used as a Catholic church.


   Originally, the town hall consisted of a slender four-sided tower added to the north-eastern corner of the rectangular building. It was a small one-storey house with an attic, illuminated by pointed windows, covered with a hip roof.

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