Šivetice – castle


   The Šivetice settlement was established in the royal area. In the 13th century, the representatives of the Akoš and Zách families disputed of this area. The conflict ended in 1272 in favor of Záchs, who probably built a castle over the village, to secure power over the surrounding areas. After the expiration of the family, the castle vanished probably around the middle of the 15th century.


   The castle was made of stone at the top of the hill. In its center was placed a tower-like building with external dimensions of about 8×8 meters and a wall thickness of about 2 meters. The internal area was 4×4 meters and, apart from defense, it also served residential purposes. Around the tower there was a stone perimeter wall about 25 meters in diameter, behind which there was a timber and earth defensive wall and a ditch, doubled from the more accesible eastern side.

Current state

   The castle has not survived to modern times. Only remnants of earth fortifications and small relics of a fragment of the perimeter wall and the south-west corner of the residential tower are visible. Admission to the forested area of the castle is free.

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