Sazdice – St Nicholas Church


The small church was built in early gothic style around 1330. In the 70s of the 14th century, the interior of the building was decorated with frescoes by an Italian artist, but the decoration of the church has not come to an end. At the end of the fifteenth century, the building was modified in the late gothic style. Around 1700, the church was changed to the baroque style, probably the original vault of the chancel was destroyed and replaced with a new one. Renovation of interior furnishings was carried out in the years 1865 – 1866. In 1897 the church was closed, due to another renovation. Medieval polychromes were than discovered and restored. Despite this, in the following years the building’s condition deteriorated significantly. In 1927, an initiative was launched to expand the building, fortunately this project was not implemented, and only a slight correction was made in 1932. Renovation of the church was also carried out in 1988-1993.


The church was created as a single-nave construction with a square chancel, to which the sacristy from the north was added. In the southern wall of the nave there is a profiled, gothic portal, and gothic windows have been preserved on the walls of the chancel and the sacristy. The northern sacristy has a rib vault, it was similar in the chancel, as indicated by the brackets in the corners. Wall paintings in the church are one of the most valuable examples of medieval paintings in Slovakia. In times of domination of the gothic style, the Italian artist brought in theme, elements of the emerging renaissance.

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