Rudno – castle


The medieval Rudno castle stood on the Hradok hill, directly east of the village of Rudno nad Hronom. It was probably a knight’s castle, and its creation and disappearance are dated to the 13th century.


The castle had oval shape in the plan, its size was about 70 x 21 meters. It consisted of a perimeter defensive wall, a square tower on the east side and a residential building on the other side of the courtyard. The tower was 9.8×9.8 meters long and protected the near gate. In the middle of the courtyard, a water tank was made. An additional earth-stone rampart ran around the wall, probably reinforced with a palisade. The road to the castle led from the west to the north-eastern part, where it turned off at the bulging of the earth rampart and reached the walls of the castle.

Current state

The castle has not survived to modern times. Only foundations were uncovered during archaeological research.

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