Rimavské Janovce – St John’s Church


The church was built as part of the Benedictine monastery complex. The first indirect written reference to the monastery comes from 1221, and the next only from 1397. The monastery was dissolved in 1548-1580, probably as a result of fighting and the ongoing Reformation. In the 17th century the church was seriously damaged, the upper parts of both towers were destroyed. It was not until 1875-1876 that a serious reconstruction was carried out, funded by a nationwide collection, but unfortunately there was not enough money to finish the towers. The work was carried out in order to bring the church to its original romanesque form.


The original romanesque church was a single-nave construction with a two-tower western façade, a rectangular chancel and a semicircular apse. The church had three portals, of which only the west is still used. Entrances in the southern and northern walls of the nave are closed, but visible in the wall. The entrance from the monastery buildings was also identified in the north wall of the northern tower. On the north side of the nave are visible traces of the now defunct monastery building.

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