Prešov – St Nicholas’ Cathedral


   The church was erected in the second half of the 14th century on the foundations of an older aisleless sacral building from the 13th century. The fire of 1418 delayed the prolonged construction. It was not until 1420-1440 that the northern aisle of the chancel was vaulted, modeled on the Czech Gothic architecture from the range of the famous master builder Peter Parler. Before 1489, the rest of the presbytery was vaulted. Then in 1502-1515, under the direction of master Ján Brengyszen, corpus was enlarged by aisles, and its interiors were covered with vaults. At the end, in 1514-1515, master John rebuilt the tower. He decorated it with circular vault on the ground floor.
   During the period of the Reformation it temporarily found itself in the hands of Protestants, then returned to the Catholics. In 1788, the church was destroyed by fire. During the reconstruction, the southern entrance portal in the classicism style was added. In 1904, the neo-Gothic crowning of the tower was added. In the 1950s, it was renovated and subsequent maintenance works were carried out in the years 1981-1989.


   The church is an impressive Gothic building with a length of over 54 meters, a width of 34 meters and an interior height of up to 16 meters. It consists of a aisled nave of a hall form and also three-aisle, three-side ended chancel. A quadrilateral tower is added to the nave from the west side. Outside the church is clasped with buttresses, between which there are large lancet windows. The interior is covered with net and stellar vaults supported on powerful octagonal pillars.

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