Podhoroď – Castle Tibava


   The castle was built at the end of the 13th century, probably by James and Andrew of Michałowice. During the conflict between king Charles I of Hungary and Aby Amade’s supporters, they supported the king. It seems that the castle was destroyed then, because in 1338 it was already mentioned as “deserted”.


   The course of external walls is difficult to determine, but you can roughly determine them as oval in a plan with dimensions of 40×15 meters. On the north-west side stood a huge cylindrical tower (bergfried) about 11 meters in diameter and wall thickness exceeding 3.8 meters. Such a large width made it possible to place stairs in the thickness of the tower walls. The vaulted room in its basement was only 3 meters in diameter. The entrance to the tower was placed in the portal at the height of the first floor. Also massive and thick, reaching up to 2.5 meters, were defensive walls. A residential house was probably adjacent to the tower from the south-east side. The entrance to the castle was on the west side in the space between two walls.

Current state

   The only survivied fragment of about 3 meters high wall, is the remain of a cylindrical tower. Entrance to the ruins area is free.

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