Partizánska Ľupča – church of St Mary of the Seven Senses


   The church was to be built around 1263, when the townspeople received from the archbishop of Esztergom the right to build their own church, but its construction probably took place only in the first half of the fourteenth century, and the earlier record was to the present parish temple. According to written sources, the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows was a parish church until 1479. In the 17th century, a porch was erected in front of the southern entrance to the nave, and the entire building was surrounded by a wall. A major reconstruction of the church took place in the 18th century when the nave was vaulted and the facades were modified. In the nineteenth century church get new equipment.


   The church was built as a small, towerless, single-nave temple with a slightly narrower, polygonal ended chancel in the east and a sacristy on the north side. In the Gothic period, its interior was illuminated by narrow pointed windows in the nave, slightly higher pointed windows in the presbytery and a single window with a very narrow opening in the eastern wall of the sacristy. The entrance led through the southern portal to the nave and the portal from the chancel to the sacristy. As the chancel was reinforced with buttresses from the outside, a vault had to be installed inside. Additionally, a semicircular sedilium was created in the southern wall. The nave was originally covered with a wooden ceiling.

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