Liptovský Ján – St John’s Church


The church in Liptovský Ján was probably built around 1280. In the second half of the fourteenth century it was thoroughly rebuilt, among others the presbytery was vaulted, and in subsequent centuries the nave was extended to the south. In the restless 17th century, the temple was enriched with a stone wall surrounding the building. In 1971 archaeological research was carried out to explain the beginnings of construction.


The church is a gothic, single-nave building with a polygonal chancel, a western tower and a sacristy on the north side. In the chancel there is a rib vault from the 14th century. The church can boast part of the oldest preserved roof truss in Slovakia from 1291/1292. Most of the truss over the nave comes from 1467/1468, and over the presbytery is dated 1517/1518.

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