Lipovce – castle


The first mention of Lipovce comes from 1262, when the Marse family renewed the older castle. Over the course of history, it belonged to several noble families, and in the years 1300-1312 it was ruled by the Templars. It was destroyed in 1591, although it was partly used until the beginning of the 18th century, when it was finally deserted.


Due to the terrain, the castle consisted of two parts. In the northern part of the hill it was a walled courtyard with a large, round tower at the highest point. Its diameter can be determined at about 8 meters, and the wall thickness at 1.9 meters. The second part of the castle was reachable on a narrow rocky ridge, where there was a defensive – residential building with the dimensions of 12×12 meters. It probably served residential function, and the tower was a bergfried. Both parts of the castle were connected by a wall with a thickness of 1.2 meters. Small outer bailey was formed on the north side, so that the bergfried tower dominated over it. There was also a water tank and a gate to the castle.

Current state

Currently, the largest fragment of the castle is the tower, partially preserved to a height of 4-5 meters. In the southern part there is a smaller, corner fragment of a residential building. A fragment of the wall connecting both parts of the castle has also been preserved. Entrance to the fortress area is free.

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