Kšinná – St Cosmas and Damian’s Church


The church was built between 1230 and 1250 by a workshop from the Benedictines of the abbey in Ludanice. At the beginning of the 14th century, the sacristy was added from the north. In the gothic period, the interior was decorated with frescoes, which were partially preserved in the apse. In 1949, the church was burnt after a lightning strike. In 2009, the parish received a grant for refurbishment.


The building consists of a rectangular nave with a length of 6,7 meters and a semi-circular apse with a length of 5,5 meters. On the north side there is a sacristy, however, it was added to the nave rather than the chancel, which was not a typical solution. In the southern wall of the nave, apse and sacristy, original window openings have been preserved. Inside, on the north and south sides of the apse, there are niches in the walls opposite each other, probably serving as sedilia. Originally, the area around the church was fortified with a defensive wall.

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